Govt. ready to deceive Muslims, TRS ally’s criminal silence on Muslim Reservations – Shabbir

Govt. ready to deceive Muslims, TRS ally’s criminal silence on Muslim Reservations – Shabbir

Hyderabad: Congress leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council, Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir alleged that Govt. is ridiculing by getting ready to deceive Muslims on the issue of 12% reservations. The procedure Govt. has allotted to recommend 12% reservations for Muslim on the basis of the reports of BCs and STs Commission is in contravention to the constitutions and the prevailing rules and regulations. Earlier, YSR Govt. had difficulties in implementing reservations for Muslims. KCR should have taken a lesson from it and should have adopted hassel free legal procedure. On the contrary, he has decided to pass a resolution in Assembly. This claim is ridiculous. Any Muslim cannot get assurance that he would get 12% reservations only on the basis of the resolution passed in Telangana Assembly.

Mr. Shabbir told that CM is repeating the same mistake deliberately in order to deceive the Muslims in the next elections saying that he has already approached the center. Mr. Shabbir further told that in a situation when anti-reservation party is in power in the Central Govt. the question of supporting Muslim reservations does not arise. He also told that Mr. KCR is not serious about giving reservations to Muslims and STs. All his claims are confined to paper work only. He suggested that Govt. should have convened an all-party meeting before taking any step in the Assembly. Opposition parties would made some suggestions. Govt. did not feel the necessity to consult legal expert. He expressed his surprise that a person who is against Muslim reservations is holding the post of Advocate General. Mr. KCR maintained him of this position. Even today, Mr. Rama Krishna Reddy is pleading the case of Muslim reservations in a negative manner.

Mr. Shabbir also expressed his surprise that the local ally of TRS is maintaining criminal silence on this issue. On the one hand, it claims to be representing the Muslims but on the other hand, it supports the ruling party. Mr. Shabbir further told that the Muslims and the STs are still backward even after getting independence. Their progress cannot be ensured only through verbal statements. He also mentioned that even the 30% budget of minorities has not been spent so far which reflects the non-seriousness of the Govt. He suggested the TRS Govt. Govt. to consult legal experts like Mr. Soly Surabji, Mr. K. Prasaran and Mr. FS Nariman.

–Siasat News