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Great Musi Flood of 1908

The Great Musi Flood was a devastating flood that occurred on 28 September 1908 in the Hyderabad state capital on the banks of Musi river. The flood, locally known as Thughyani Sitambar, shattered the life of the people living in Hyderabad, killing 50,000 people. It washed away three bridges — the Afzal, Mussallam Jung and Chaderghat — the Puranapul became the only link between two parts of the city.
The Musi river was the cause of frequent flood devastation of Hyderabad city till early 20th century. It had begun to swell dangerously on September 27. The first flood warning came at 2 AM when the water flowed over Puranapul bridge. By 6 AM there was a cloudburst. The flood breached on Tuesday, 28 September 1908: The river rose 60 feet, flowing through the city.In 36 hours, 17 inches of rainfall was recorded, and the water level at Afzalgunj was about 11 feet (3.4 m) high and in other places even higher.