The half siblings were raised separately announced ‘being siblings they are also a couple’

, 4:15 PM IST

A half brother and sister Ana, 27, and Dani, 23, revealed that being siblings they are also a couple. The duo appeared on a makeover show on Spanish TV.

Ana and Dani, grew up separately, they share the same mother but have different fathers. The couple found each other on social media after 20 years.

‘Our surprise is that apart from being half siblings we are also a couple,’ Dani explained.

There fathers who were watching from the audience as they made their revelation and seems actively delighted by the news.

Dani’s own father smiled and then began laughing while Ana’s father got to his feet. Both the father threw their arms around the couple with Dani’s father joking: ‘Can I call you daughter-in-law now?’

The couple live together in Barcelona. Dani said. ‘We’ve been like this for a while, we fell in love’. Dani continued the explanation, saying: ‘What we are looking for here is that you support us.

‘We want to share out lives with all of you and that you’re always by our side.’

Consensual incest is not illegal in Spain, which may account for their relaxed attitude.