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Hamid Husain Nadwi: Teaching Urdu through Hindi

Hamid Husain Nadwi: Teaching Urdu through Hindi

Patna:In an age when Urdu as a language is not the preferred one among Muslims, an alumnus from Nadwat ul Ulema, Lucknow, UP and author of several nursery Urdu books Hamid Husain Nadwi has developed an Urdu handbook meant for learners of Urdu especially for Hindi speaking population.

The book titled ‘Aaiye Urdu seekhen’ (Come and learn Urdu) is getting accolades from across section of society be it intellectuals, academician, bureaucrats.

Talking to Muslim Mirror about the book Mr Hamid told that the content of the book is devised in such a way that a Hindi reader can easily grasp Urdu words because the similarity of words and vowels of both the language have been woven brilliantly and practically shown to the readers.

Endowed with an innovative mind, Mr Hamid on earlier occasions has managed to teach hundreds of Urdu learners with Hindi background in different batches at city based Bihar Urdu academy centre which is dedicated to promotion of Urdu as a language. The learners, Mr Hamid told, included IAS Officers, Lawyers, Journalist, and Doctors apart from common people. For this service, the academy has awarded him also.

Asked about what prompted him to bring out the book, he narrated one incident that while attending a workshop under ADRI at Ranchi some time ago, he met Dr Shubhash Sharma, advisor to Bihar State Planning Board, who told him that he wants to learn Urdu.”I want to learn Urdu and it is you who can teach me Urdu”, said the bureaucrat seeing my acumen at the event. This was the moment when the idea was born in Hamid mind and he worked on it and he successfully taught Urdu to Mr Subhash.

The book is his practical experience packaged in this Hand book which surely will help learners of Urdu of Hindi background, exudes Mr Hamid.

Mr Hamid who hails from East Champaran District of Bihar has received ‘Bihar Shiksha Ratna ‘award from none other than Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar for his contribution towards Urdu language.

Mr Hamid Husain Nadwi is presently working as a Principal, Nursery section of a private school based at Patna.

He can be reached on his mobile number 07870396757.

(Shahnawaz Ahmad is the Patna Bureau Chief of MuslimMirror.com)


Courtesy: Muslim Mirror