‘Cop hits a poor mother, are we going to tolerate this’? Harbhajan tweet to PM modi

, 4:50 PM IST

The spinner of Indian Cricket Team Harbhajan Singh was on Monday trolled by the supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s supporters on Twitter.

Harbhajan Singh has always been an emotional character and once again shows his human side. He came across this scene of a policeman beating women who had a child in one hand.

Harbhajan could not stand that sight and immediately tweeted out to PM Modi stating such things should not be tolerated.

No matter what the situation could have been, to beat a mother and while she is holding a child is just not acceptable. It was a public place and everyone witnessed the sight, it just comes to show that the cops do not understand how to use their authority in the right manner.

His original tweet to PM Modi read, “Sir, this kind of nonsense should not be tolerated. Police is (there) to protect and help people, not hit our own people” with an image of a cop using force on what looked like a beggar.

Harbhajan Singh went a step ahead and tagged Narendra Modi about the photo and urged the Prime Minister to take stern action.

Cricketers are often accused of being narcissistic and caught up in their own little cocoon. Harbhajan though, is not the kind to mice words or hold things back. This is clearly a man with a tinge of social responsibility and makes no bones about showing it to the world.