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Hardik Patel likely to visit Mandasur on June 12

Hardik Patel likely to visit Mandasur on June 12

Ahmedabad: Hardik Patel leader known for the Patidar Reservation Agitation has condemned the police action carried out against the protesting farmers which turned violent with Police backfiring at farmers in Madhya Pradesh.

“Whatever happened in MP is highly condemnable. It is shocking to see that farmers, who feed the country, are getting bullets in return. This is really shameful. If needed, I am planning to visit Mandsaur on June 12,” said Hardik.

Hardik who is likely to visit Mandasur soon also told the reporters that the Patidar community of Gujarat is in full support of the agitation and the farmers of Madhya Pradesh.

The leader who is currently out on bail and faces two charges said “Patidar community of Gujarat is always in support of farmers of Madhya Pradesh. We are with them in this fight,” said the firebrand leader, who is currently out on bail.

The farmers have been protesting since a week demanding waving off their loans and increase rates for their produce in Mandasur and Dewas Districts of Madhya Pradesh. The protest turned violent killing five farmers during the protest on Tuesday.

Asking about PM’s action on the whole issue, he says PM Modi is busy tweeting global issues happening around the world but he is yet to find time to tweet about the firing on farmers in MP.

“When shots are fired at farmers, I wonder how our PM could not find time to tweet that issue,” says Hardik in a sarcastic tone.

He added “There is huge difference between what the PM says and what he actually does”, as reported in Indian Express.