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Haryana: Witches, ghosts chop off women’s braids

Haryana: Witches, ghosts chop off women’s braids

Chandigarh: A village is Mewat is panic stricken as at least 15 incidents have been reported of women’s braids being chopped off strangely by invisible creatures.

Villagers have been blaming ghosts, witches and ‘cat-like creatures’ for these mysterious incidents. There are reports that most women had fallen unconscious when their braids were chopped off.

However, placing superstitious beliefs aside, police have claimed that these acts were the handiwork of anti-social elements. The latest incident in the series of these cases was reported from Gurgaon on July 28.

“I was attacked by a strange-looking man, in his 60s, on the night of July 28 when I was alone in  my house,” said Sunita Devi, a resident of Ashok Vihar phase-III area.

“While I was preparing dinner in the kitchen, I saw a thin man in a red and yellow outfit on the main entrance of my house. When I went to enquire, I saw he was carrying a trident. I told him to go away. He went away and disappeared only to reappear,” she claimed.

“Before I could do anything, I fell unconscious and when I regained consciousness, I was lying on the floor and my braid was chopped off. My house was not ransacked,” she added.  Although there are no external wounds, the woman seemed traumatized and was admitted in a private hospital. The accused has not been identified yet.

A similar incident took place in Malhaka village where Aseena fell unconscious and when she woke up, she found that her hair had been chopped off. “I’m feeling scared,” Aseena said.

Afraid of what might happen women in the area only go around in groups even if to fetch water outside. Patrol parties have also been formed to nab miscreants.

“We have assigned our male members or family heads to patrol on a daily basis in two shifts. They are to stay alert 24X7 in order to combat the gang, animal or ghost, whatever it may be, responsible,” Ram Mehar Yadav, a resident of Punahana said.

Police also say that villagers have reported of a cat-like animal appears to make them unconscious and chops off their braids.

Not to forget ‘Monkey Man’ scare in 2001 in Delhi, when there were reports of a strange monkey-like creature attacking people at night.