Thursday , August 17 2017
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Heat wave conditions to continue for next 48 hours

Soaring sun makes Hyderabad roads deserted Hyderabad burning at 43 degrees as the full impact of summer is being felt now with temperatures gradually soaring and dry heat becoming more intense in the city.

For the second day on the trot, the Indian Meteorological Department here today issued a heat wave warning for Telangana. The IMD said heat wave conditions were ‘very likely to prevail at a few places in all districts of Telangana for the next 48 hours’.

The temperature in the State has been on the rise over the last couple of days, with all the 11 weather stations in Telangana recording maximum temperatures of above 40 degrees on Tuesday. The maximum temperature in Hyderabad, which had gone below 40 degree Celsius last week, rose to touch 42.4 degree Celsius on Tuesday. In Nalgonda, the maximum temperature on Tuesday was 46.4 degree, an upward departure of 5.2 degree from normal, and in Khammam, it went up by 5.4 degree to touch 45.6 degrees. Bhadrachalam also recorded 45.6 degree, a departure of 4.1 degrees from normal. (NSS)