Honest Traffic Cop returns wallet with Rs 50,000 cash to businessman, refuses 5,000 reward

Honest Traffic Cop returns wallet with Rs 50,000 cash to businessman, refuses 5,000 reward

New Delhi: A Delhi police sub-inspector proved that honesty is the best policy when he returned a wallet containing Rs 50,000 cash to the man who had lost it. The 54-year-old not only returned the man’s wallet but also refused to accept the reward of Rs. 5,000.


Jagreet Singh an east Delhi businessman lost his wallet near the Nizamuddin Bridge in Sarai Kale Khan on January 7, while pushing his car which had broken down. Jagreet said. “I had to push my car to start it. My wallet must have slipped then. I reached home at around 10.30 and realized my wallet was missing.”


Madan Singh the traffic cop spotted a cyclist picking up the wallet from the road. Singh took the wallet from the cyclist and through his visiting card he called the Jagreet and handed him his wallet.


Singh said.“There was a lot of money, foreign currency, ATM cards, driving licence and visiting cards. It did not belong to that cyclist. I spotted the visiting card and called the man.”


Jagreet who lost the hope of finding the wallet said. “Sub-inspector Singh told me to come to Nizamuddin and collect the wallet. I thought he must have found an empty wallet with only my identity card. It had around Rs 35,000 and $300. Nevertheless, I went there because it is difficult to make new voter identity and other identity cards.”


Jagreet took to Facebook to share the story of how Singh returned his missing wallet. He said. “It is rare to find an honest man such as Singh. I even offered him Rs 5,000 for his honesty but he refused saying he was only doing his duty. This was a story I had to share to the world. I did not know it would go viral. Singh was even shy to pose for a photograph but I convinced him.”


Till Monday evening, the Facebook post had been flooded with 1,000 comments and shared over 1,500 times, lauding Singh for his honesty.


DCP (traffic) DK Gupta Singh’s boss said,” We appreciate Singh’s honest efforts. He has made us proud. We will recommend a suitable reward for him so that others get inspiration from his story.”