Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Hope of good days turns into bad days: M A Khan

Hyderabad: Congress MP (Rajya Sabha) M A Khan has expressed concern over the anxiety and chaos prevailed among public following scrapping of higher denomination currency. He claimed that people are witnessing bad days in hope of good days. He asserted the situation after banning the currency was not ascertained before abolishing the Rs 500 and Rs. 1000. People have money but are unable to purchase essential commodities, he said. The decision has been taken without alternative arrangement which has paralysed the lives. Hospitals refuse the take the old currency. Wedding preparation are hit hard. Petty cash is given by the banks. The ever-bustling markets are also turning barren with only few buyers turning up.

Although currency of Rs. 2000 denomination has been released but it’s hard to get its change. Instead of being among the people and solve people’s problem on far footing Prime Minister Narendra Modi has left for Japan, said M A Khan.

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