Horror moment: Disco Giant Wheel collapses in Chennai Kishkinta Theme Park

, 6:15 PM IST

Chennai: A shocking mishap in Chennai’s amusement park, which left two person dead, was due to the collapse of a newly assembled ‘disco giant wheel’.

The newly installed giant wheel was being tested when the incident took place in Kishkinta Amusement Park and two days after the incident, it claimed the life of two persons and injuring ten others.

The injured were admitted to Deepam Hospital in the city’s Tambaram area.

Shabudin, 32, from Kolkatta, suffered head injuries when he fell during a test ride and was kept on ventilator. He died without responding to treatment at around 1.30pm on friday.

Injured persons are said to be amusement park employees.

On Thursday, Kancheepuram police arrested Jose Punnoose, 58, the proprietor of Kishkinta theme park and D. Sakthivelan, 43, HR manager in connection with the joyride crash.