Monday , August 21 2017
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Hospital removes kidney during child birth

Lucknow: A farmer in Pahadganj village has accused a woman doctor of removing his pregnant wife’s kidney during a Caesarean section five months ago. Patiram, alleged that five months ago he took his wife to a private hospital for delivery on the recommendation of a village midwife. He admitted his wife to the Rohit Agnihotri Hospital in Izzatnagar on March 3.

Patiram told “Doctor said my wife and child would die if operation (C-section) was not done. I had no option so, I paid Rs 20,000 for the operation. Caesarean section was performed successfully and his wife Narayani Devi gave birth to a girl child. She was discharged from the hospital on March 10.”

Patiram’s wife, Narayani, said “I started having a chronic pain on the right side of my abdomen and blood appeared in my urine.” “She told me that my wife had contracted septic (septicemia) and she could not be saved. She told me to feed my wife everything she asked for and wait for her last time,” said Patiram.

Patiram claimed that he visited other doctors and on their suggestion went for an ultrasound examination on April 22. The result showed that Narayani’s right kidney was “not seen”. To make sure, three other ultrasound tests were done but the right kidney was reported “missing” or “not seen” in all of them. Patiram then submitted a written complaint to the district magistrate on Thursday, demanding an inquiry into the matter. “The doctor removed the kidney of my wife during the operation,” he added. Dr Agnihotri has refuted the claims of kidney theft and said “Narayani must be having a single kidney since birth. Her kidney was not removed at my hospital and neither is it possible to remove a kidney during a Caesarean operation.”