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Hyderabad: Online Iftar delivery is possible this Ramadan

Hyderabad: Online Iftar delivery is possible this Ramadan
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Hyderabad: Two software engineers have come up with an idea of delivering ‘iftar packs’ this Ramadan in Hyderabad. So, those who remain outdoors during the time of breaking fast can order their Iftar.

The delivery service has been started to make iftar convenient for working professionals, bachelors and students. The pack will include dates, cut fruits, salad, chicken nuggets, French fries, boiled dal, sauce along with Pista House haleem, reported Telangana today.

The order can be placed between 11 am to 5 pm on www.iftarparty.com.

“We want to leverage technology to reach out to a larger audience”, say Meraj Faheem, CEO and Saad Ahmed Shareef, CTO, Iftarparty.com. They have engaged a team of youngsters to deliver the Iftar boxes throughout the length and breadth of the city. “The rich menu makes it a fulfilling iftar meal”, says Faheem.

The young entrepreneurs are targeting IT professionals in the Hitec City and elsewhere who work long hours and have difficulty reaching home in time for the iftar. With increasing internet penetration, they feel prospects are bright for the online food industry. “We hope to break even this Ramadan”, the duo say. Next year they plan to extend their service to other metros like Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.