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Hyderabad praised in global arena

Hyderabad praised in global arena

Hyderabad: It would be a pride to be the first to direct a Hyderabadi play rather than be among the thousands directing the Shakespeare’s, said internationally -feted theatre revivalist and Padmasri awardee Mohammed Ali Baig. He shared the challenges and experiences at world-renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe and London premiere, with Telangana IT secretary Jayesh Ranjan at an event in Hyderabad on Saturday. He said it was a different experience to dine in nights with sunlight.

“The entire city of Edinburgh turns into performing area for Festival Fringe and there were 290 venues at which nearly 3,000 plays were staged by world renowned artistes. It was an unforgettable experience to receive overwhelming response from the crowd from different nations, in spite of language barrier. The international audience was amazed with the décor, costumes and setup of our plays,” Ali said. Ali thanked the IT industry because of which the Indian community extended to all corners of the world.

The programme concluded with a question and answer session. “Hyderabadi history would never be a liability, rather it would be strength to attract the audience,” Ali replied to a question from audience. In this note, he quoted his plays ‘Quli’ and ‘1857 Turrebhaz Khan’, which showcase a sensitive love story and discrimination, respectively, which can be absorbed by the audience from any country irrespective of language.

Courtesy: MetroIndia