Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Hyderabad tops the list in Muslim concentration

Hyderabad: With the formation of new districts, it is certain that Medak District would be divided into three districts. Sangareddy will get third place where the Muslim concentration will be sizable. Out of 15, 49, 277, Minorities have 2,71,386 population which works out to 18%. According to Muslim concentration, Hyderabad tops the list. It has a population of 39,43,327 persons out of which minorities are 18,20,487 which works out to 46%. Nizambad stands second in Muslim concentration areas. It has a total population of 15,77,108 out of which there are 3,07,728 persons belonging to minorities which works out to 20%. In Sangareddy there are 6 Assembly constituencies, namely Zaheerabad, Patancherru, Sangareddy, Jogipet Andole, Narsapur and Narayankhed. As per the population, Sangareddy stands 6th in the state.

–Siasat News