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IKFS asks Harward to see plight of Rohingya Muslims and withdraw award from Suu Kyi

IKFS asks Harward to see plight of Rohingya Muslims and withdraw award from Suu Kyi

Hyderabad: Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society, a non-profit socio cultural friendship association has sent letter of concern and asked U.K. based Harvard Foundation to withdraw the award delivered on 17th Sep. 2016 to Aung San Suu Kyi for the so called “Harvard Humanitarian award”. IKFS wrote Harvard Foundation “that as an Internationally famed Educational Institution, Your (Harvard Foundation’s) selection of Aung San Suu Kyi was wrong for 2016 Humanitarian of the Year award. IKFS things that you have undervalued the price of humanity and plight of ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims in Mynamar. Suu Kyi Aung as a Burmese statesperson, politician, diplomat, Leader of the National League for Democracy and as the first women Minister of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar and the Minister of President’s Office in President Htin Kyaw’s Cabinet, has remained silent on persecution and killing of country’s Muslim minority and rendering with an humanitarian award for Suu is not accepted at all by civilized people of the world and IKFS team”.

We are astonished to see Harvard’s choice of Suu Kyi for the award? It is very pity to notice that we cannot understand what is her role in maintaining peace in her country. IKFS wrote to Harvard Foundation, that Suu Kyi should have done something to stop against ethnic cleansing of Muslims by her Government. However she only, witnessed the ethnic cleansing and did nothing to stop genocide of Rohingya minority Muslims from her country and still the process is continuing. , we cannot justify her name for the award on the ground that Aung San Suu Kyi never spoke against the atrocities carried out against Rohingya (Burmese) Muslims by the Army and terrorist Burmese Monks. And never stopped persecuting the country’s Minority.

IKFS has asked earlier interference of OIC (Organization of Islamic countries) and SAARC (The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) to do anything to stop the ethnic cleansing of minority Rohingya muslims in Myanmar. However no actions were taken.

Therefore, IKFS hereby criticize your award selection committee for nomination of Suu Kyi and feels was an utter mistake, whose works and deeds have never served to improve the quality of human lives in Myanmar and she never have inspired up to the so called greater heights instead ,she has witnessed the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in her country without uttering a word against Muslims. For the past few years, several types of rhetoric surrounding in the Rohingya created violence against minorities in Myanmar.

IKFS President Dr. Ghalib Al-Mashoor, requested Harvard foundation should stop selection of such people who are not on the constructive and the betterment of humankind and asked Suu Kyi also, to surrender the HARVARD award since she is not supporting the people thru interethnic, understanding and respect, and did nothing to save human life from her country’s ethnic cleansing. More than 100,000 Muslims were killed and 500,000 become stateless Muslims, where people live in cramped and poorly maintained huts. They are prevented from moving freely, have no access to basic services and restricted and are mostly denied citizenship in Myanmar. United Nations and Islamic Countries should do something before they complete the severe ethnic cleansing. Dr. Al-Mashoor added while saying that world is witnessing only what’s going on in Myanmar with no actions to stop the genocide. The challenge it faces is immense.