Impact of Siasat news: road repair work begins at Mir Aalam Mandi-Kotla Aalijah stretch

, 8:15 AM IST

Hyderabad: Siasat’s campaign to wake up concerned authorities and municipal officials is showing its effect. Of late a campaign was launched by Siasat against the bad and battered roads of the city by publishing photos of them, which aims at inviting authorities’ attention towards repair and construction of poor condition roads.

Old city was continuously ignored by the authorities, as a result travelling on roads had become a nightmare for old city residents.

As usual Siasat’s campaign evoked positive response and GHMC has begun construction and repair work of roads on some areas. To begin with GHMC is laying new road on the busy Kotla Aalijah-Mir Aalam Mandi stretch.

It is hoped that the repair work will not be restricted to Kotla Aalijah to Mir Aalam Mandi road but the work will be extended to other parts of old city too.

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