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India is morally right to rake up Balochistan issue: RSS backs Modi

India is morally right to rake up Balochistan issue: RSS backs Modi

New Delhi: A senior RSS functionary has said that India is “morally right” to rake up the Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan issue and claimed that Pakistan treats its own people like “third grade citizens” and uses bombs to crush muhajirs and provincial independence movements.

“You (Pakistan) yourself are suffering from violence, killing your own Pakistani citizens, treating Muslims like a third grade citizen to Muslims. By burning Kashmir, you will not be able to douse fire in your house. It will kill you. So, be a good neighbour and a good country,” senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar said.

His comments come after Prime Minister Narendra Modi raked up the Balochistan issue during his Independence Day speech at Red Fort earlier this week.

“If you are looking at Kashmir from a moralistic point of view, then India, the Indian government and people of the world (are right to raise the issue of) Balochistan, Pakhtoonistan, Gilgit Balistan…it is plagued with difficulties and murders. Pakistan is being immoral in case of Kashmir. If India does it (by raising the Balochistan issue) then its humanity and morally right,” Kumar said.

He said by fuelling insurgency in the Valley, Pakistan is making one Kashmiri kill his fellow and by doing so it will “not be able to douse fire in its own house”.

“When Pakistan gives money to fuel separatism, provides weapons, arms and ammunition, gives Pakistani flag and (foment) trouble (for) India, they make a Kashmiris kill another Kashmiri,” he said.

“Pakistan crushes the movements of muhajirs, provincial independence movement by using bombs,” Kumar said.

The National Executive member of the RSS was speaking at the ‘Vishwa Raksha Bandhan Diwas’ organised by some 40-odd organisations, which was attended by leaders of several religion.

Modi for the first time raised the issue of the disturbed areas in the control of Pakistan during his Independence Day speech. The remarks also come in the backdrop of recent comments by him during an all-party meet on Kashmir that the time had come to expose the atrocities committed “by our neighbouring nation” in Balochistan and the areas of Jammu and Kashmir under its illegal occupation.