Wednesday , August 23 2017
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India Trying To ‘Implode’ Pakistan, Says Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD:The 64-year-old Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman also accused Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of being a “security risk” to the country.

“A new doctrine has originated in India which aims to implode Pakistan because they have failed to defeat us militarily,” Imran Khan said before leaving for Quetta, where ISIS terrorists attacked a police training centre.

“…to make Pakistan descend into chaos without any reforms,” he said, adding that India did not want an inside political reform movement to succeed.

“Whenever we plan to launch a reform movement against corruption in the country such terror attacks happen,” he added.

Noting that corruption and terrorist funding in Pakistan “run side by side”, Imran Khan also called Nawaz Sharif a “security risk” for the country as the prime minister was only interested in saving himself from the accountability in the wake of the Panama Papers leaks.

“His only aim is to save himself from the repercussions of the revelations regarding his corruption in Panama leaks,” he said and demanded the government to highlight the names of those officials who were involved in leaking the crucial information regarding a high-level security meeting.

He went on to add that “when Balochistan Chief Minister is saying that India was involved in sabotaging law and order in the province then why does our Prime Minister not raise his voice on the issue on global forums”.