Wednesday , August 16 2017
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Are all Indians betrayers sans BJP leaders?: Suravaram

Hyderabad: Asking whether all Indians were betrayals except BJP leaders, CPI National Secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy has lashed out at the BJP leaders saying that the BJP and RSS leaders, who never participated in freedom movement, were questioning the Communists’ patriotism.
Speaking to the media at Maqdhoom Bhavan here on Monday, Suravaram said the BJP and RSS leaders were asking those criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to leave the country. He alleged that the real betrayers were RSS and BJP leaders only> He also said the BJP and RSS activists, who attacked Minorities, Dalits, were now resorting to attacks on Communists. He said the BJP and RSS leaders have no guts to question Sakshi Maharaj, who had demanded installation of a Gadse statue. Alleging that the Union Government filed false cases against JNUSU president Kanhaiah Kumar, Suravaram reiterated that the CPI will continue its fight against the hostile attitude of the Central government.
Stating that Narendra Modi was not a “Chaiwala” (tea vendor) but son of a hotel owner, Suravaram alleged that the NDA government was working for the sake of corporate companies. He also alleged that the Modi government has already pocketed Rs 10 lakh crore. Stating that nobody would hatch a conspiracy to dethrone the Modi government, he said the Corporate will alone hatch a conspiracy to dethrone Modi. He said the BJP, which came to power due to division among religions, was now trying to saffronize the nation. The BJP government was harassing the students in the name of anti-national slogans in JNU. He said the BJP has the history of making sycophants of Britishers to join the BJP. (NSS)