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Inexpensive tips for countering soaring temperatures in North India

Inexpensive tips for countering soaring temperatures in North India

New Delhi : Temperatures are soaring across north, central and peninsular regions of India, and in particular, the Delhi-National Capital Region (Delhi-NCR) has been experiencing several of this summer season’s hottest days, leaving most wondering how to counter it.

The plains of the north are simmering, and Hisar in Haryana for instance, has recorded the highest temperature of 45.5 degrees Celsius earlier this week. It has been closely followed by Banda in Uttar Pradesh at 45.2 degrees.

Temperatures in national capital New Delhi have been hovering between 42 and 44 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature has been recorded at 23.8 degrees Celsius.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has warned that temperatures can only be expected to rise further and that the threat of people being exposed to sunstroke is very real, especially in northern, southern and eastern India.

Given this scenario, Dr. Daljeet Kaur, Head Nutritionist at the Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, has recommended key tips to keep one’s body rehydrated in the summer.

She has cautioned that with the onset of summer, people tend to sweat more and this leads to loss of sodium and potassium, both important mineral components of your body.

“It becomes very important keep yourself hydrated in summers. Water comes as natural source of drink to keep you re-hydrated in summers,” she said.

Dr. Kaur listed the drinks that will help beat the heat and help keep you body cool?

• Water

• Lemon water- a glass of water with pinch of salt & sugar is best after water

• Coconut water- tender water is best

• Shikanji- one glass of shikanji will give you 60 kilo calorie with vitamin C and sodium. To shed your tiredness this is the best in summers

• Chaanch- combination of water, curd, green chili, cumin powder, asafetida, and salt will provide you 30 Kilo Calorie. This will help you to refresh quickly.

• Lasssi- curd, sugar and roohafza will give you 120 Kilo Calorie and immediate energy

• Aam Panna- boiled raw mango, lemon, sliced pudina, salt and cumin powder mixed in chilled water will give you 60 Kilo Calorie and work to balance the electrolyte in body.

• Jal Jeera- water, sliced pudina, lemon, amchoor powder, cumin powder, black salt and salt will give you 10 Kilo Calorie and work as antioxidant.

She also said that there is a need to avoid deep fried and heavy fatty food and go for body coolers – Seasonal fruits like Mango, watermelon, tender water, pineapple, Aam Panna, Jal Jeera, Lassi, Chaanch, Sikanji and Lemon water etc.

She also said that one must avoid immediate contact with AC air after coming in from outside.

“First let your body come to a normal temperature, then, relax. Keep your body hydrated to avoid sunstroke. Keep drinking water and the summer cooler that you like. Cover your head and don’t take bath immediately after coming in from the heat,” Dr. Kaur said. (ANI)