Intelligence caught 600 Brits trying to join ISIS, other jihadist groups through Turkey

, 7:19 PM IST

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said 600 Brits are caught who were trying to enter Syria to join Islamic State
and other jihadist groups. He also said that in past four years at least 800 UK citizens had entered Syria.

The British and Turkish intelligence services managed to stop hundreds to join them. “Approximately 800 Brits have been to Syria, of whom half are still there. But on top of that 800, we have stopped another 600.” Said Hammond.

“There is evidence (IS) is finding it difficult to recruit to the brigades in Raqqa because of the high attrition rate of foreign fighters,” he said.

“Not just those targeted in UK drone strikes, but US strikes against prominent targets including foreign fighters.”

“Generally they are very stretched now – their manpower on the ground in relation to the territory they’re holding is very thin.”