Wednesday , August 23 2017
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“Ja Simran Ja, Platform bhi saaf rakhte hue ja”: Innovative campaign for cleanliness

Kolkata: Innovative posters: “Ja Simran Ja, Platform bhi saaf rakhte hue ja,” Railways to promote cleanliness in station

Cleaniness drive may had started in India in 2014 by Narendra Modi government, but it was not always appealing to today’s janta.

According to the Indian Express, The government and various departments gave a Bollywood twist for promoting ‘Swatch Bharat’ mission.

Howrah Division of Railways have taken a step by using the various popular dialogues and characters of Hindi cinema which was hung in the form of the posters at Howrah Station in Bengal which made people to maintain cleanliness.

Though, the campaign had been launched by the Indian Railways’ division in mid-September during Swatch Bharat week but it had gained popularity very recently.

The posters used iconic symbols of Bollywood with a dash of humour to drive home the point.

From the very popular Gabbar Singh to DDLJ’s Simran’s posters have won the many hearts on internet.

The iconic scene from Deewar, “Mere pass maa hai”?! where Amitabh Bachchan and Sashi Kapoor’s scene ends with this dialogue, Who forgets this!

Imagine the same dilaogues is used to stop people from spitting, this is what the poster contains “Mere pass railgaadi hai, Reserved seat hai, Twitter hai; Tumare pass kya? – Mere muh mein Paan hai” and adds the caution “Par mat thukna”.

Its something very different but have worked to grab people’s attention to do the right thing.

This campaign had launched on September 22 in both English and Hindi and received a positive response from the commuters and people on internet.

Praising the humour, many hoped that it would spread across other stations in the country too.