Jaggi Vasudev’s Isha Yoga Centre accused by couple for holding their daughter captive

, 9:22 AM IST

Coimbatore: A retired professor and his wife alleged that their two daughters were being held captive by city-based Isha Yoga centre and had been made sanyasins. The couple approached District Collector to set them free.

Mr Kamaraj alleged that his two daughters, aged 33 and 31, who were MTech and BTech degree holders and holding good posts had gone to the centre to learn yoga some time ago, they “brain washed” and forced them to stay there.

The head of the Yoga centre had made the two tonsure their heads and wear saffron clothes. They were not even allowed to meet their parents.

Mr Kamaraj Expressed his apprehensions about their safety, and requested the collector to immediately intervene and get them released.

TheYoga Centre spokesperson denied the allegations and said that the two women were not brainwashed to stay in the ashram and that they were well-qualified and capable of taking decisions by themselves.

He also said that the parents are welcome to visit their children and that they need not be afraid of their wellbeing.