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“Jai Sri Ram” is a political slogan: Beware – Kanhaiya Kumar

“Jai Sri Ram” is a political slogan: Beware – Kanhaiya Kumar

Hyderabad: “Jai Sri Ram” is a political slogan, RSS and BJP are trying to unite people by using this misleading slogan. Kanhaiya Kumar told this while addressing a seminar at Sundarayya Vigyana Kendram, Hyderabad yesterday.

Citing historical reference of this slogan, Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar told those who shout this slogan are not the Hindus. They are influenced by RSS ideology. Many persons who profess Hindu religion are not aware that this is a political slogan which is used to achieve political objectives. Kanhaiya Kumar told that Hinduism the slogan which is shouted is “Ram Ram”. In the same manner the concept of “Bharat Mata” is also being changed. Earlier, the concept of “Bharat Mata” was that of a female statue holding a tricolor flag in her hands but during the past few years, this concept has been changed. First, the tricolor flag was taken away from her hand and Saffron flag was given in her hands. Earlier, “Bhart Mata” used to be shown standing on the map of India but the political activists changed this concept and made her seated on a lion and the colour of her sari has also been changed to Saffron.

Mentioning the importance of three colours of the flag, Kanhaiya Kumar told that the blue colour circular figure present in the flag is also being changed under a conspiracy. People should be aware of it since blue colour is the symbol of Dalits and Depressed classes. Due to this reason, they are not tolerating blue colour in the flag. In order to fulfill the aspirations of Dr. Ambedkar, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, Bhagat Singh and Rohit. It is owr responsibility stop this country from being saffronized. We will try to fulfill it.

–Sisat news