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Jat row: Hooda says Haryana Govt. should find solution through talks

Jat row: Hooda says Haryana Govt. should find solution through talks

New Delhi: The Haryana Government must find a solution through talks on the Jat reservation row and not indulge in petty politics, said former state chief minister B.S. Hooda on Saturday.
The situation isn’t good for the state. I appeal to everyone that it should be a peaceful protest. There shouldn’t be any loss of life and property,” Hooda told ANI.

“I request the protestors to ensure peace and safety. I also request the government to expedite the decision on this regard. This scale of agitation is unprecedented. We never overhauled the reservation system, rather we tweaked the reservation. The time has come to protect our state and not indulge in petty politics,” he added.

Union Rural Development Minister Chaudhary Birender Singh said in a democracy it is the right of every person and community to demand their rights.

“Three protestors died in the protest and many are injured. There are various ways to protest. However, when the protest turns violent, a negative perception is created in the public,” he added.

He further appealed to the people of Haryana as well as to the Jat community to maintain peace and brotherhood.

“Solution can come only through talks. The people of Haryana have always led a peaceful life. I believe there will be a solution to the issue if the government and the protestors talk on it,” he said.

Earlier, Jat agitators set fire to the Budha Khera station master’s office.

The station master was not present at the scene, but it has been learnt that signal panel (which indicates railway traffic) has been destroyed in the fire.

The train services have been badly hit in the state in the wake of the pro-reservation agitation.

Passenger trains going from Delhi to Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab and Jammu have been affected.

Meanwhile, the army and para-military personell have also been called in eight districts of the state after one person was killed and 21 injured in police action as the Jat protest for quota turned violent.

The rampaging mobs set ablaze the state finance minister’s house besides several government and private properties.

Protesters also took some police personnel captive besides going on a rampage at many places including Rohtak, Jhajjar and Hansi, targeting police and private vehicles, buildings housing offices. (ANI)