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Jeb Bush drops out of White House race

Jeb Bush drops out of White House race

Columbia: Former Florida governor Jeb Bush — brother and son to two US presidents — has dropped out of the White House race, ending a campaign that never really took off despite major donor backing and his name recognition.

“Tonight, I am suspending my campaign,” Bush said after a disappointing showing in South Carolina ‘s Republican primary, appearing to fight back tears.

“I’m proud of the campaign that we have run to unify our country.”

The 62-year-old Bush never could shed the narrative that he was a tarnished candidate unable to generate enthusiasm for yet another Bush presidency amid the current appetite for outsiders like Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

In the Iowa caucuses on February 1, he finished a disappointing sixth place. He did not fare much better in New Hampshire a week later, finishing in fourth place.