Wednesday , August 23 2017
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John McCain criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for continuing bombing on syria

Munich (AP): A top Syrian opposition figure John McCain has accused Russia on Sunday at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, for continuing with its bombing in Syria, and treating Syria “as a live-fire
exercise” for its military.

John criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intervention in Syria’s nearly five-year civil war. He also said that Putin is insisting that people in the country need to see action rather than words.

McCain said. “Mr. Putin is not interested in being our partner,” he also added that the Russian president wanted to “shore up the Assad regime.”

Former Prime Minister Riad Hijab, the head of the Saudi-backed Syrian opposition’s High Negotiations Committee has also stopped short of declaring a clear commitment to implement a planned temporary truce.

McCain said.”While the agreement requires opposition groups to stop fighting, it allows the bombing of terrorist targets, which Moscow considers to be “everyone.”

Norbert Roettgen, German parliamentarian has accepted the views of McCain and said. Russia is now in a position of strength in Syria. “ I think Russia has gained the upper hand in the region,” Roettgen added. “And this is by historical measures, a novelty.”
Russian use of military force “significantly and fundamentally improved its political and diplomatic position,” he said.

McCain said. ”Russia’s military campaign is worsening a refugee crisis that is now confronting Europe as millions flee the fighting.”

He said. “He (Putin) wants to exacerbate the refugee the crisis and use it as a weapon to divide the trans- Atlantic alliance,” McCain added. “The only thing that has changed about Putin’s ambitions is his appetite is growing with the eating.”