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Justin Bieber loves Shawn Mendes’ new album

Los Angeles: A year after Justin Bieber asked the infamous ‘who’s Shawn Mendes?’ question, the pop star has shown support for his fellow Canadian singer by raving about his new album, “Illuminate”.

Bieber, 21, took to Twitter on Wednesday morning, October 5 to promote 18-year-old Mendes’ work, reported Aceshowbiz.

“Go get #illuminate @ShawnMendes,” Bieber posted.

“Shawn Mendes voice makes me smile. Truly a gift to be able to move peoples emotions through songs! So proud of you brother! Great album!” read his another tweet.

The “Let Me Love You” crooner even added a link to stream the album on iTunes.

Last year, in a radio interview, Bieber looked bewildered when he was asked if he had any advice for the “Stitches” hitmaker.

“Who’s Shawn Mendes?” he said while inserting a plastic soda cap into his mouth.

The host got surprised by the singer’s reaction and said, “Oh! He’s on Island. He’s from southern Ontario. He’s 17 years old. He’s got a song called ‘Stitches’ that’s, like, doing okay at pop radio.”

“Nice. Nice. Good for him,” the “Sorry” singer said while chewing on the cap.

“Oh! Oh wow, so you don’t even know… I thought for sure you might because he’s also from southern Ontario,” the host responded. Bieber then said, “No. No, I don’t know him. But I will check him out. For sure.”

Shawn earned his second No 1 album on Billboard 200 with “Illuminate” this week, being one of only five artists including Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff and LeAnn Rimes to have scored their first two No. 1 albums at such a young age.