This Kashmiri Muslim couple risked their lives to feed starving Hindu family

, 1:04 PM IST

Srinagar: Shops and commercial establishments remain shut and normal life comes to a standstill, but this Muslim couple went about their mission braving the strict curfew in Srinagar to feed a Hindu Pandit family across river Jhelum.

According to India Today  reports, Zubeda Begum and her husband carrying bags of food, walked miles on a deserted road in Srinagar on Monday, after they got a call from their Hindu friends living across the river Jhelum who told them that they were out of food.

“She had called me in the morning saying her family needed food supplies,” Zubeda told India Today. “They have an ailing grandmother staying with them. I am taking the food to them.It is difficult but we are trying to reach them,” she added.

Diwanchan, who works at All India Radio with his family including an ailing grandmother have been living in the Valley for many years. His wife is a teacher in a local school where Zubeda also works.

“Everyone is suffering here. We are so glad that these people came here. This is where the humanity lies,” said Diwanchand Pandit.

This heart-touching story is a perfect example of how humanity prevails even in times of adversity.