KCR critical of rigid Indian Communists

KCR critical of rigid Indian Communists

Opining that there was no alternative idealism to Communism, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has said the Indian Communists lowered their position because of their failure to adopt qualitative changes taking place at times.

Replying to the Opposition parties reactions on the budget proposals in the Assembly on Friday, the Chief Minister said China developed on fast track after keeping Mao Se Tung idealism aside and now China reached a position to dictate America. He said bringing debts was only for the development of the State and debts were must for development.

CPM MLA Sunnam Rajaiah objected to Chief Minister’s comments against Communism while seeking some clarifications. Sunnam Rajaiah said Communism idealogy was scientific and it was good for humans. The Chief Minister said there was no alternative to the Communist idealism. “I read many books on Communist idealism, including Das Capital”, he said. The problem with the Indian Communists was that they didn’t adopt time-being changes and they move rigidly and hence their position was at low ebb.

The Chief Minister said the Communist legendary leaders Mao and Lenin had said there was a need to the Communists to adapt to the changes in the party in tune with the changes taking place in the society. The Communists, particularly the Indian Communists, have miserably failed in this regard, he added. (NSS)