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KCR gets complaint after distributing maternity kits

KCR gets complaint after distributing maternity kits

Hyderabad: After distributing KCR kits, TS CM received a complaint about the shortage of staff mainly nurses, ward boys and ayahs in Modern Government Maternity Hospital. Chief Minister Chandrashekhar Rao had inaugurated a maternity scheme on Saturday, where he had distributed maternity kits to six women.

He acknowledged the complaint and said, “If there is a shortfall, let us take it as a challenge and work accordingly.”

According to DC, there is a climb in the number registration of women as the kit had a good response from the public. To cater all the registered people, the state will have to ensure an adequate amount of the supplies.

A senior health official explained, “The scheme is good and very attractive for the people but the implementation has to be proper for it to succeed and bring back people’s confidence in government hospitals. There has to be proper patient care and they must be treated with patience and care during the sensitive hours of labour. There must be enough staff to deal with emergencies and also the quality of medicines and medical equipment has to improve.”

Presently, the existing capacity of the Maternity Hospital is underutilised as expectant mothers and their families are opting for private medical care and hospitals.

The KCR Kit is an encouragement for the expecting mothers to register themselves at the government-run hospital. Only 30% deliveries take place in the govt hospitals of the 6.28 lakh deliveries. The move is taken to increase this figure up to 50%.

Another health officer on condition of anonymity explained, “the system has worked in Tamil Nadu and they have been able to shift the focus to patient care. While the existing system design is good on paper, its implementation at the ground level must also be properly carried out.”