If we keep the promises we made to the people of Kashmir we can solve Kashmir conflict : Dr. Puniyani

, 6:27 PM IST

New Delhi: Kashmir conflict is not a Hindu-Muslim conflict. It is the story of a state which had chosen to stay free of India and Pakistan both in 1947 but Pakistan followed by India made Kashmir’s independent political existence impossible.

Eminent peace activist renowned thinker and writer Dr. Ram Puniyani elaborates upon the history of Kashmir conflict, Article 370 and respective roles of India and Pakistan in Kashmir’s political course in his recent video on Kashmir problem.

Over the last three decades the strife in Kashmir has displaced many Hindus as well as Muslims.

A plebiscite proposed by Lord Mountbatten for Kashmir never took place because India and Pakistan refused to withdraw their forces from the state which was one of the conditions put forward by United Nations for the plebiscite.

‘Hopes for a resolution to Kashmir’s problem had risen after the independent elections of 2002 but these hopes were soon squashed when BJP-appointed Governor, B K Sinha took the arrangements of Amarnath Yatra out of the hands of local Muslims, constituted a shrine board and allotted it a land that could not have  been  allotted to anyone by law. This led to fresh disappointment and disillusion among Kashmiri people’ said Puniyani in his video.

If we keep the promises we made to the people of Kashmir during independence we can solve the problem of Kashmir ‘ suggested Dr. Puniyani in  this video.

Writer and activist Arundhati Roy and American political activist Noam Chomsky along with several other intellectuals have also advocated self determination by Kashmiri people to resolve the issue of Kashmir conflict.


Courtesy: Muslim Mirror