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Out of khaki, Nirma woman washes linen on Facebook

Out of khaki, Nirma woman washes linen on Facebook

Bangalore: “Resigned and jobless — a smiling emoticon,” was Anupama Shenoy’s facebook post which created a controversy in Karnataka. Long story short, the Karnataka police officer was transferred previously this year for a mere reason of putting his call on hold.

Anupama who was working as Kudligi Deputy Superintendent of Police has resigned from her job on Saturday after a group of people staged protest against her.

Anupama has been inaccessible ever since she resigned, but she is active on Facebook with tantalizing hashtags threatening to reveal the mask of Labour Minister Parameshwar Naik. On Tuesday she asked her followers on Facebook if they wanted the love talk of the minister or washing powder Nirma Part 2 – a reference to an audio tape.

The Nirma reference has given Anupama a new prefix – Washing Powder Anupama – who not only wants to clean up the system, but also wash some dirty linen in public. She has a big fan following as her ire is against the existing socio-political system and the liquor lobby.

But she has not responded to any of the comments made by her supporters.

Her profile picture and cover picture on Facebook are clear indicators of her displeasure and disillusionment. Her profile picture proclaims: “When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty” written over a red fist on a black background. Contd.

The cover picture has a man carrying a sign: “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”

“All will give their opinion now,” said a dejected Anupama on Monday, replying to a set of questions via a personal message on Facebook.

From her recent post regarding a possible FIR against her to the profile picture, her ire against the existing socio-political system and the liquor lobby is pretty clear.

“Looking at my Facebook statuses, it is rumoured that an FIR might be registered against me,” posted Anupama around 6.30 pm on Monday. The post ended with a hashtag #Brihannaleyaru.

Shenoy has been vocal against the liquor lobby which allegedly forced her to resign. There is also a quote from American author John Mark Green on her profile. “One by one she slew her fears, and then placed a flower garden over their graves,” it read.

Facebook users who have been sympathetic to her struggles have urged her to withdraw her resignation, while also criticising the government for the poor state of affairs. People have expressed their anguish saying that there is no life for sincere officers. They are also curious about her next move, with rumours of Anupama exploring a political career.