Monday , August 21 2017
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Khap panchayat bans mobile phones for teenage girls

UP: Aligarh’ Basauli village khap panchayat imposed a ban on the use of cell phones by teenage girls.

It blamed that mobile phones are responsible for polluting the minds of the girls leading to unlawful relations. Panchayat also issued a warning to the families that if anyone found to be violating this order, will be given a punishment to sweep village roads.

Another panchayat of Basauli village in Gonda block of Iglas Tehsil, 100 km from Agra also issued orders that unmarried girls of the area will not be permitted to use mobile phones and social media. If any girl is found to be violating this rule, their parents would have to sweep the village roads for five days or had to pay penalty of up to Rs 1,000 per day.

In order to implement this rule, khap panchayat would form monitoring teams.

Panchayat also put a ban on sale and use of liquor. If any person found drinking or selling wine or any other liquor, he should clean the village roads and also pay penalty.