Sunday , August 20 2017
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Kodandaram’s telephone tapping suspected

Hyderabad: Reliable sources indicated that the telephone of Prof. Kodandaram, Chairman of Telangana Political Joint Action Committee is being tapped. In response to a question asked, Prof. Kodandaram told that he has information that his phone is being tapped. He further told that to overcome such activities is the responsibility of State Govt. He also told that with the incident like phone tapping, democracy will get weakened. Such steps could be taken against criminals but not peoples’ representative who are struggling for getting their rights.

He told that whatever struggle he is making is for the progress of Telangana State and for the people. If anyone wants to know about our activities, he can contact directly. In such a case, the entire list of phone calls would be given to him but telephone tapping without permission is an illegal act. It will not cast any effect on the struggles for getting democratic rights of the people of Telangana. When asked whether he is going to take any legal action for this, he replied that he will intensify his struggle for getting democratic rights of the people of Telangana.

–Siasat News