Komati’s remark against MLA heats up House

Komati’s remark against MLA heats up House

Nalgonda MLA Komatireddy Venkat Reddy’s comments against Miryalguda MLA Bhaskar Rao heated up the winter session of the Telangana Legislative Assembly here on Wednesday.

Participating in short discussion on agriculture, Komatireddy said the farmers were unhappy in the State. The ruling party would know if it make a defected MLA to contest election by resigning from his seat where the farmers are in majority. Reacting to his comment, the treasury benches raised their voice against Komatireddy. An angry Komatireddy said he was ready to work as a watchman in the TRS Bhavan if Miryalaguda MLA resigns and contested re-election and saved his deposit.

Reacting to the remark, Bhasker Rao challenged amidst applause of treasury benches that he was ready to contest election if Komatireddy too quits and prepares to contest election if he has guts. “I will quit politics if I lose election”, Bhaskar Rao hurled a challenge at Komatireddy.

Responding to the challenge, Komatireddy said Bhaskar Rao’s status was too small to his stature. He alleged that Chandrasekhar Rao had asked CLP leader K Jana Reddy as to why the latter fielded Bhaskar Rao, who was a native of Krishna district, during the elections. “But our CLP leader ensured victory of Bhasker Rao”, he said and made it clear that he made comments against Bhasker Rao as the latter raised and saying something. “I have taken Bhaskar Rao as an example and he is not my level to argue with him”, he said.

Continuing his speech, Komatireddy said the Chief Minister was constructing Bhavans to all castes and religions. He also constructing buildings lavishly and was planning to construct new Secretariat, Assembly Hall and so on. “The Chief Minister is giving sops to all sections of the people, except farmers.   The Chief Minister has to stop waste expenditure and has to concentrate on agriculture sector as the farmers are in serious troubles”, he said. (NSS)