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K’taka shamed as auto driver hurls racial abuse at north-eastern girl

K’taka shamed as auto driver hurls racial abuse at north-eastern girl

Bengaluru : The girl, who was racially abused by an auto driver in Bengaluru, on Thursday said that the accused cursed her for being from the north-east and asked her to go back while making unwarranted remark.

“I was going back home around 11 p.m., me and my friend were looking for an auto, so we found one nearby, he agreed to go, and then I asked him for the fare when he asked me for the double fare, I agreed for a little more but he denied,” the victim told ANI.

“Then we backed out, we planned to book a cab. We were standing there and the auto driver was standing behind me and all of a sudden he started using abusive language in Kannada, but I knew what he was talking about as I have been living here from quite some time,” she added.

The girl further said that auto driver used racist remark and was about to hit her.

“I went to him and asked him what was he saying and then he got angry and started shouting in top of his voice. Initially he was talking in Hind and all of a sudden he said that this is Bengaluru you cannot speak in Hindi speak to me in Kannada, I also retaliated and at that time he almost took his sandal off and tried to slap me my friend stopped me and then he pointed finger at me and started calling me names and said ‘you north-eastern you guys come to Bengaluru, go back to Delhi , he started making racist remarks’,” she added.

The victim further said that there were around 50 people present there at that time but nobody came for their help.

The auto-driver was booked earlier today on charges of racially abusing the girl, who lodged an FIR at the Koramangla Police Station. (ANI)