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Kurnool based youth invents solar-powered bicycle

Kurnool based youth invents solar-powered bicycle

A polytechnic drop-out youth, Muneer, has hit upon a novel idea. He converted his ordinary bicycle into a solar-powered motorised bicycle. Now his bicycle can go non-stop without the need to pedal it.

Muneer S/O Pinjari Rasool hails from Laddagiri. He studied up to ITI and discontinued polytechnic diploma course because of financial problems. His father is a clerk in private shop and his mother works in fields.

Muneer’s bicycle has the facility to charge mobile phone and run an iPad and is fitted with speakers. The bicycle can be charged using solar panels or through plug-and-play method charging it using electricity. He also got a LED light fixed. He replaced the normal bicycle bell with a horn. The solar panels have capacity to charge a 12 volt battery. In sunny weather, the bicycle can move at a speed of 30 to 40 kmph.

On this project Muneer has spent Rs. 6000 from his pocket money. He dreams of completing his polytechnic course and invent many more products.