Leaked video: Drunk youngsters wreaking havoc in Kukatpalli police station

, 12:20 PM IST

A 19-year-old girl from Kolkata and her drunken friends were booked for vandalising the KPHB police station on Saturday night and attacking police personnel.

Kaushik and Vamsi of Hyder nagar under Kukatpalli police station limits got drunk and threw empty alcohol bottles on neighbour’s house on Monday night.

They also entered into an argument with the neighbours, who promptly complained to the police. The police, who reached the spot, took both Kaushik and Vamshi to the police station.

The video showed three others, Tarun Adda, an event manager from Hitec City, Shiva Kumar, an X-ray technician from Landmark Hospital, and Kaushik Bade, software engineer, attacking constables. A police officer was injured in the attack.

Tarun and Priya, friends of Kaushik and Vamshi, reached the police station and started quarreling with the police. They threw away the papers, banged on the table and abused the police. The video clearly shows that the youths’ behaviour was erratic.

Police also claimed that the youngsters argued with the police and arresting officers for a long time and even threatened police personnel “not to mess with them because they were rich”.