Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Couple find ‘new love’ on Facebook only to realized they are each other’s exes

In what we can termed as a scene of a movie or an embarrassing moment where virtual lovers met up over an social networking site only to realize that they are actually each other’s exes.

According to reports a squabbling couple from Bareilly who was living separately unable to deal with unending fights, took to Facebook to find new love and a fresh start to their shattered lives.

The man and the woman both used pen name to create a separate account on the social networking site through which they would browse and chat with interesting profiles. However, fate played the estranged hand, by hooking them up without either one realizing that they were actually chatting up their spouse the whole time.

The two got chatting and both assumed they had found an ‘interesting prospect’. After several months of getting to “know” each other, the couple decided to meet at a restaurant.

Imagine then to the couple’s horror, when they reached the per-decided venue. Unfortunately, instead of a fairy tale ending, a nasty argument broke out when the aghast husband and his equally horrified wife realised they had been caught red-handed for the same crime.

Soon the separated couple got into a quarrel at the restaurant and the police had to intervene as the situation had gotten out of hand.
Seeing the situation the cops decided to send them for a counseling session at the Family Counselling Centre.

We really hope that with the assistance of Family Counselling Centre, the couple manages to resolve their issues and differences.