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‘Maaro magar haddi mat todo’: VHP’s Advice To Gau Rakshaks

‘Maaro magar haddi mat todo’: VHP’s Advice To Gau Rakshaks

Braj,UP: “Beat cattle smugglers but don’t break their bone,” is the VHP’s gau raksha vibhaag (cow protection department) advised to its young ‘Gau Rakshaks.’

According to a report in the Times of India, Khemchand, a member of the gau raksha department’s central committee in a meeting in western UP, Braj region and Uttarakhand also advised them not to shoot the video of assault of cow-smugglers in order to escape police action.

“We shouldn’t take the law into our hands. I often say to my workers – maaro magar haddi mat todo (beat them up but don’t break their bones). If you break someone’s bones then you will get into trouble with the police. Some people show off by shooting viral videos of them beating up cattle smugglers. There is no need for them to do that,” Khemchand said.

“No cattle smuggler would dare” to carry out illegal trade of the animal when faced with “an army of gau rakshaks”. Khemchand also said that “cow protection, not Make in India” would “save the country”.

Later, the leader of the self-styled cow-protection outfit in a clarification, said he “only meant” that gau rakshaks should defend themselves when faced with a difficult situation.