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Maid pour urine into UAE employer’s food, charged

Maid pour urine into UAE employer’s food, charged

Sharjah: A housemaid appointed by the Emirati employer has been charged for allegedly mixing urine with the drinks and food she prepared for the family.

The complainant, an Emirati lawyer said that the family had appointed the maid 3 months ago but the maid endangering their lives.

As per Khaleej Times, once the complainant’s mother had a fight with the maid after which said she wanted to leave.

A bottle filled with a “suspicious liquid” was found in her room. When she inquired about it, she said the liquid was juice but later admitted it was urine when ordered to drink some of it.

“My mother found a bottle that contained some kind of liquid, in her room. My mother dared her to drink it when she said it was a drink.

“She then said it was urine and she urinated in the bottle as she was too scared to go to the bathroom at night.”

She confessed the crime to the police. However, during the court hearing the maid denied the accusation and said she uses the bottle to pass urine because she was scared go to the toilet at night, as per Al Bayan Arabic language daily said.