Man To Bid For World Record By Speaking Non-Stop For 75Hrs

, 1:12 PM IST

Surat: Ashwin Sudani, 45-year-old motivator and trainer, from surat will attempt a world record by speaking non-stop for 75 hours on 75 different subjects from Thursday. If he succeeds it will be a Guinness world record, as reported in TOI.

For many records, Guinness World Records is the effective authority on the exact requirements for them and with whom records reside, the company providing adjudicators to events to determine the veracity of record attempts.

During his attempt, he will talk on subjects of youth motivation, women empowerment and family ties.

“Present day youth is impatient and as a result facing lot of issues. We are witnessing large number of suicides. I got the idea of guiding these young men and so I started the work of motivation,” said Sudani.

He is attempting this feat for four reasons – duty towards country, addiction-free youth, education and values of life.