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Man involved in dowry death case, kills second wife

Man involved in dowry death case, kills second wife

New Delhi: A 27-year-old man, who was convicted once in a dowry death case, allegedly strangulated to death his second wife at his residence in southeast Delhi’s New Friends Colony area, police said today.

Kapil Sharma, has been arrested on the charge of murder and more charges are likely to be added after further interrogation, a senior police official said.

On March 24, the police received a call from AIIMS Trauma Centre informing them about a woman, identified as Parwati Sharma, who was suspected to have died by hanging herself, brought dead there.

However, after inspection of the body, the police found ligature marks on her neck, suggesting that she was strangulated, and several other injuries on her body, following which a police team was sent to her residence and her husband was questioned, the official said.

When the medico-legal counselling report was re-examined, matching it with forensic reports, it emerged that the woman was severely beaten before being strangulated to death. Later, her postmortem report also suggested that she died of asphyxia as a result of smothering.

Sharma was detained for questioning on March 26 and later arrested.

During interrogation, it emerged that he was already convicted and sentenced to seven years imprisonment by a court in Uttar Pradesh for dowry death in connection with his first marriage, the official added.