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Man from Nizamabad confined in Dubai Jail

Man from Nizamabad confined in Dubai Jail

HYDERABAD: A 29 yr-old man from Nizamabad is confined in Dubai jail for someone else’s crime.

Pusula Srinu from Morthad in Nizamabad has been sentenced to 7 years in jail for being caught with banned medicine on Dubai airport. He is currently in Awir Jail in Dubai.

Srinu who worked for six years in Dubai was in India to get married. His wife Latika in her complaint filed said a man named Mahesh visited their house with a packet of medicines and requested Srinu to deliver it to his relatives in Dubai as they are in need of it and also gave Srinu their contact numbers on September 3, 2016. Srinu was arrested on September 4, 2016 at Dubai airport for possessing those medicines. His wife filed it on September 8, 2016 after Srinu’s arrest.

Krishna Donikeni, a manager in a company in Dubai while speaking to TOI said “Srinu was taken aback. I have met him in the jail three times. He needs help to be brought out of jail and to fight his case because he is innocent”.

The same person brought Srinu’s matter to NRI affairs minister K T Rama Rao in February. He says Srinu’s innocence could be proved to Dubai Government if Telangana Government is successful in having a statement from Mahesh of the same.
The Morthad police are unable to take a step further in Srinu’s case as they are unknown about the medicines Srinu was carrying. Sub Inspector Y Ashok Reddy on Saturday talking to the sources told “Firstly, we need to know what banned substances or drugs that Srinu was caught with at the airport. If Dubai police can provide this information, it will help us investigate the case further here and proceed against Mahesh”.
According to the Sub-Inspector, the medicines Srinu was caught with are not banned in India. He said “If the medicines were banned in India they should not have been allowed to be taken out of the country at the airport itself”, as reported in TOI.