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Man tries to open flight’s door mid-air, arrested

Man tries to open flight’s door mid-air, arrested

Delhi: A man identified as Aftab Ahmed was arrested after he did a weird thing on Monday night. He tried to force open the emergency door of an Air Asia’s flight before it could land at Ranchi airport. He had boarded the flight from Delhi.

The 32-year-old passenger also allegedly injured a few co-passengers and members of the crew when they tried to stop him. Ahmed was arrested after the flight landed safely and was handed over to the Ranchi Police, HT reports.

The Air Asia flight (I5-546) had taken off from Delhi and was headed towards Kolkata via Ranchi. At around 9.50pm, Ahmed who was seated on 24-A suddenly tried to open one of the emergency doors (R2) of the flight, putting several peoples’ lives in danger.

In an incident happened in April, a passenger was tied down to his seat while travelling to Delhi from Dubai as he turned violent soon after the plane took off from Dubai.

In May, a Russian tourist wanted to open the door of a Delhi-bound flight mid-air and was held by police. He was fined by the court for attempting to open the door of the flight and for scaring the passengers.