MANUU’s attempt to find methods of giving clean chit to the culprits of scams

MANUU’s attempt to find methods of giving clean chit to the culprits of scams

Hyderabad: After exposing the scams worth crores of rupees in the installation of WiFi, Wimax and Publication of textbooks in Manipal, the present VC is avoiding to take any action against the culprits involved in these scams.


It may be mentioned that the enquiry committee headed by Prof. Mohammed Suleman Siddiqui, former VC of OU, submitted a detailed report to the VC one month back but no action has been taken so far. According to the authentic sources, the present VC is facing a lot of pressure from the former VCs and others due to which he is not able to take any action.


Sources close to MANUU indicated that since the present VC is a close associate of the previous VCs and he is junior to them. He is therefore making an attempt to find out ways and means to give clean chit to the culprits of this scams by overlooking enquiry reports. In WiFi and Wmax scams, crores of rupees were usurped which has no precedent in the past. Osmania University which has a campus of 1300 acres, installed WiFi facility at an expenditure of Rs. 2.5 crore whereas MANUU which has a campus of only 150 acres, spent Rs. 8 crore which was paid in one lump sum. The persons involved in these scams are holding key posts in the university. One of the culprits who is involved in the scam of publication of textbooks was given posting to the same post. It is understood that these persons hold strong influence in Delhi also. They are exerting pressure on the present VC from sources.


According to the reports, when Mr. Zafar Sareshwala came to know about these scams, he instructed the present VC to take action against the culprits. The present VC, after assuming charge had promised to investigate many irregularities but soon after the exposure of two major scams, the enquiries about the other irregularities have been shelved in cold storage. The VC had issued instructions to produce all the documents about the irregular recruitments of teaching and non-teaching staff and a committee was also constituted for this purpose. It is learnt that the number of perons who got promotions as professors without the required qualifications and experience is large and they are trying to influence the enquiries. The joint Action committee of MANUU had pointed out many persons who got appointed violating the rules of recruitment. Many persons were promoted from the posts of Asst. Professors to Associate Professors without completing Ph.D. The present VC had announced that all those who do not know Urdu, will be taught Urdu but it seems that it would hardly be implemented.


In short, MANUU has once again become the center of irregularities and scams. The Director of a Center was dismissed from the service although the charges leveled against him could not be proved against him. His only mistake was that he had raised his voice against the irregularities prevalent in the University. Former VC and supporters targeted the Director in a planned way. In this conspiracy, a person is also involved who got promotion without the required qualification.



–Siasat News