Many innocent people like me are languishing in jail: Satyam Babu

, 1:21 PM IST

Hyderabad: Satyam Babu who was recently acquitted by Hyderabad High Court in Ayesha Meera murder case said that there are many people like him who were implicated in various crimes and they were locked up in jail (though they have not committed any crime) without providing them legal assistance.

Speaking to media after his release from Rajmundry jail in Andhra Pradesh, he said there are several prisoners who are awaiting justice for years. Satyam thanked Ayesha’s parents for standing up for him.

Ayesha’s father Iqbal Basha and mother Shamshad Begum said that Satyam was not the culprit but he was made scapegoat to protect the real culprit.

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