Friday , August 18 2017
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McDonald’s outlets in Jaipur found using 16-day old oil

Jaipur: Jaipur health department officials, during their regular inspection, have found 3 McDonald’s outlets in Jaipur using the same oil, which was being used for last 16 days.

Complete lack of oil management system resulted in reheating the same oil constantly at 360 degree Celsius that had made the oil change its colour to black. The centres at Panchbatti, Elements mall and Crystal Palm were found using 100 litres of used oil for making French fries. The food inspectors also revealed that Palmolein oil which is considered to be less healthy is being used at all Mc Donald’s outlet at Jaipur.

McDonald’s however retorted denying the entire episode. They further said that India’s food safety authorities have not specified any standards for oil management per say. However, being one of the biggest QRS brands present in 130 countries for past 60 years, they adhere to a very high food safety standard that is maintained in all their outlets, they claimed.